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So much to do, so little time.

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Unfortunately I started this blog around the same time as another, which I then used. Keeping two is simply too much work, and the other one is easier for noobs like my parents to use. I think I actually prefer this website and the cute features. Oh and all the forums and stuff are good too, and the travel guides.

Anyway, I've travelled considerably since I left New Zealand, I shall attempt to make a list:

  • England- Indeed I was in England for almost a whole year before I got around to any further travel, due to work etc.
  • Prague- a holiday with a friend. We were very touristy, but I liked it a lot, very charming with all the old buildings, and the river.
  • Athens x3 but all for job interviews/trials. I would like actually visit!
  • Switzerland- Lusanne, again for a job interview (although I rather fell in love with the view from the train from Zurich
  • Turkey, Istanbul for a job trial. Didn't work out, but a week in Turkey was interesting. The food was delicious, and I simply couldn't figure out the sound of the mosques calling people to prayer for a while, and was struck by the exotic sound of it as I lay trying to sleep. So foreign and exciting!
  • France- I spent the summer of 2011 living in a chateau in the Loir Valley, cycling in to the village to drink wine with sleezy French men and wobble my way home in the pitch black with the housekeeper and other nanny, laughing at the stories about the parade of nannies the castle has seen. The job also provided for a brief opportunity (one day) to see Paris, which was lovely. I shall return!
  • France- again, but this time the south- Kayaking in the Ardeche and driving around the hilltop villages in Provance, beautiful!
  • Netherlands- Amsterdam with a friend, also Rotterdam (it rained) and a side trip to The Hague.
  • Caribbean- In the course of work. Sun, sea, sand, everything one expects, but surprisingly little else. Although Nevis is too small to even be it's own country, so I shouldn't judge.
  • Switzerland- St Moritz, again for work. Pretty, but I wouldn't bother outside of work.
  • Thailand- now we're talking! Sadly this was also for work, but at least I got a taste of it! I'm definitely more keen to try the TESOL thing now. I rather fell in love!
  • Sardinia- nice. I would definitely like to see more of Italy. Sardinia was nice, I thoroughly enjoyed exploring Cagliari, but again, WORK! However Italy is hopefully in the works for Autumn...
  • Russia- work, again. Not much comment to make thus far (my present location, you see). It's... pretty ordinary. I find being so far from the sea rather unnerving, people swim in the river here, which, oddly, is actually something I have very rarely done. I'm also discovering the fun of being among people who don't speak your language, it's actually quite novel to me. I like it though- I've slowly picked up a few phrases (Russian is really hard okay!) and have been using my rusty Spanish to communicate with one gentlemen who appears to be fluent, or at least a lot more competent in the language than myself, not that that is such an achievement in itself. It works well with his broken English!

In the near future looms California, and Germany and Italy are in the works for the Autumn.

Time to work on updating my profile a bit now!

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Well my New Zealand passport arrived yesterday, a lovely surprise to get after work! Hopefully my British one turns up with similar ease.

Tickets are booked, leaving Auckland on the 6th of July, arriving in London via Brunei and Dubai on the 7th July. So two months to organise my life enough to be absent from it here. Totally feisable. Trouble is really that only four or so are left in this city. The off to Wellington for ten days to sort out my stuff there, say some goodbyes, then my parents for a week, then a couple of days in Auckland with my sister before I fly out. I'm sure it will come quick enough, but it seems forever away at the moment, as there is so much to happen first. And I can't go unless my British passport arrives in time. So many possible sources of delay. I suspect I will have to be determind to get it all to work. But I am fairly confident I have the required motivation... Having just handed in your resignation definitely helps! And I don't want to go back to that sort of work anyway, so I have to just go now.

In other news, I have an awesome pack, I do love it. I might go familiarise myself with it some more tonight, see how much I can fit in it. Maybe even look at a few jobs.

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